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  • 2017year
    Southern China is the only national market purchase trade started in the holy land of global commodity trade in Hong Kong, Guangzhou customs code for the formal implementation of market procurement supervision 1039, marking the Guangzhou in promoting the reform of foreign trade, the supply side foster trade new format, to enhance the level of trade facilitation has taken a historic step. Guangdong provincial government deputy secretary general Li Yiwei, Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce Director Zheng Jianrong, Ma Hua, deputy director of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce Deputy mayor of Guangzhou city Cai Zhaolin, Guangzhou customs inspector Li Lanxue, Whampoa  customs Deputy Commissioner Wang Kan, deputy director of Guangdong exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau of Guangzhou City, Deng Xuqi, chief accountant of the IRS, Huadu District Secretary Huang Weilin, Ceng Zhaokong Huadu District mayor Ye Zhiliang and other leaders and functional departments, business associations and business representatives attended the launching ceremony. China and the new society, the people's network, the Guangzhou daily and other more than 20 mainstream media in China together witness the event. The "fast lane" of the foreign trade of Huadu is through. The Holy Land Group will help Huadu to create a total trade volume of 100 billion scale. In 2017, the export target was 10 billion US dollars, and exported 25 billion US dollars in 2017, and exported over 30 billion US dollars in 2019.
  • 2016year
    Bethel group won the Guangdong International Chamber of Commerce issued 2015 annual "The Belt and Road" innovation award. The Holy Land - the international automobile industry trade in Hong Kong officially launched by the Guangzhou Municipal Commission of Commerce awarded the "Guangzhou Automobile Market Transition Upgrade Demonstration Park", and the national inspection center, the central enterprises signed stationed, to establish strategic cooperation with Guangdong TV channel of car; Guangzhou Huadu Guozihao market purchase trade pilot through the provincial inspection. The integrated service center of international trade in the Holy Land - global commodity trading port to the "base" trade purchasing national image in the market at the end of November fourteenth grand debut Chinese Shiling leather Festival ceremony.
  • 2015year
    Guangdong Province, the cross-border electricity supplier pilot unit in Guangzhou forest Erlin Agel Ecommerce Ltd official website in the holy shrine exchange held on-line ceremony, governor Zhu Xiaodan points to buy the first single. Italy top leather exhibition group Pei Li gem and the holy land group combination, to jointly promote the gem in the area Chinese Pei Li business, and by the holy land group organized at the W Apartment Guangzhou held a grand opening Asian Leather Exhibition Pei li". The Holy Land Group joint R & F group, joined forces to cooperate in the development of Shiling leather leather city together to build a national foreign trade with the commodity market.
  • 2012year
    we built Sheng Di business circle in Baiyun district, processed business planning and upgrading for location area, and launched prime commercial project "happy and holy mall. We purchased "Guang Di garden" in Huadu district, "DA Sha Tou flea market"; create xintiandi decorative materials city; Held "the 12th China (shilling) leather and leather products festival" and " China Leather Fashion Festival "; Cooperated with French fashion TV stations to achieve multiple projects, including the F - Secrets, F - Hotel, F - Club (fashion Club), F - Shopping Mall (fashion Shopping plaza), F - Residents property, F - Resorts, etc.; Contracted projects of Guangzhou Baiyun international automobile culture industrial park, and "Sheng Di automobile theme park" was born powerfully.
  • 2011year
    we made heavyweight project "the Sheng Di shiling sea cloth leather headquarters base in China". We established two centers, " shengdi shiling international leather e-trade center" and " shiling international accounting center " .Newly upgraded "the Sheng Di, qing shan yuan farmers market"; Acquired "the tianwang hotel" commercial projects.
  • 2009year
    we successfully acquired " Shiling(international) Leather and Leather Products Center " in Huadu district, "Huadu sea cloth holy city residential and commercial projects", "Huadu new century hotel", " the Huadu cyber-port project" and other core commercial and residential projects.
  • 2008year
    we launched heavyweight projects respectively - "the Sheng Di shopping mall", "Sheng Di Ginza", "Mai Di Xi pedestrian street project "
  • 2007year
    we run the overall "Sheng Di square" business primarily based on commercial leases and hotel management
  • 2006year
    we made two big business projects with far-reaching and advanced conception: “commercial center in Guangzhou higher education mega center” and "golden lake garment city "
  • 2005year
    we pushed out Baiyun mountain commercial and residential high-building projects-- "Qing Shan garden";
  • 2004year
    we built Tianzhou decoration material city" located at Guangzhou avenue north “, "JiaDe auto market" in Huang Shi Road, "Guangzhou automobile market " in shanyou road and other key business projects;
  • 2003year
    Under the careful creation, we pushed out the low density but meticulously noble residential district-- "baiyun mountain garden" on the first phase. In 2004, many leaders of Guangzhou Housing Authority Bureau went to building site for issuing the first batch of property ownership certificates to owners, which were soon well known in the surrounding area.
  • 1999year
    we run the "Sheng Di Duilding "overall business primarily based on hotel management and office rental. We also introduced high quality residential and commercial building project “Runxiang building” and "qing shan yuan farmers market" commercial projects,
  • 1998year
    we launched "south lake villa area", "golden lake building", "DaCheng pavilion", "JingXi commercial and residential area" and other residential projects
  • 1997year
    we pushed out commercial project "Sheng Di shopping plaza" and residential and commercial projects "Sheng Di commercial and residential building"
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